Flexible Expansion Loops

OVERVIEW:  ML Loop flexible pipe loops from Flexicraft are an important alternative in adding flexibility to a piping system. Compared to hard pipe loops, they take up much less space, require fewer supports, and are more economical. Compared to traditional expansion joints, they have outstanding flexibility and no pressure thrust loads that can add large stresses to anchors.

They are also ideal for seismic isolation to protect piping and equipment during earthquakes. Large movements in all directions allow for absorption of the random seismic displacements.

The loops are also available in nested configurations, with liners, CSA / AGA approved, and with any weldable materials and end fittings. Pipe guides are also available for use with the loops.

Flexible Pipe ML Loops 


  • Single standard design ML Loop flexible pipe loops come stocked for movements of +/- 1-1/2" or 4" in all three directions. The standard loops come with 150# flanges, weld, grooved, or sweat ends. ML Loops can also be made to order for any movements or ends specified.

  • Selected sizes, designs, and materials for the ML Expansion Loops have been tested by the CSA / AGA for use on gas pipe lines. These loops are used primarily in seismic zones to minimize the possibility of gas line ruptures.

  • Nested ML Loops can be used in parallel pipe runs to keep all the expansion devices at one location and to save space.

  • The ML Loop isolates seismic movements in piping systems and on piping equipment.