OVERVIEW: The ML Loop has become the expert and inexpensive method of designing for seismic movement in piping systems. The ML Loop allows large movements in any direction, which is ideal for the random movements of earthquakes.

Seismic separations built into buildings require pipes to cross through them, and require ML Loops or other devises to allow movement during an event. The loop is placed close to the separation, along with seismic braces to anchor the pipe on either side.

NFPA 13 fire sprikler guidelines are used when no other details are provided. This indicates the braces should be no further than 6ft from the separation, and the loop device no further than 2ft.

And the orientation of the ML Loop can be changed from vertical to horizontal if needed with an appropriate hanger rod.

ML Loops can be used for a wide variety of services such as steam, hot or chilled water, medical gas, natural gas, chemicals, and petroleum products. Many variations and configurations are possible. Contact the factory if assistance is required.

The extreme flexibility of the ML Loop also make it ideal as a seismic connector to equipment such as boilers, chillers, and fan-coil units.

  • Independent pair of flexible legs allows considerable movement in any direction
  • Eliminates thrust load an piping anchors with the use of the stainless steel braiding
  • Available in stock or custom designs
  • Accommodating larger seismic piping movements in three directions

TEMPERATURE:  to 850°F for CS Ends, Note Pressure Derating

ML Flexible Pipe Loops for Seismic Earthquake Application