Hydropad Accumulators

HydropadOVERVIEW: The Hydropad is a specialty hydraulic accumulator and reservoir that uses a stainless steel edge welded metal bellows fluid separator, and functions in fluid control as a surge suppressor, reservoir to store fluid for delivery, thermal expansion compensator, pulsation dampener, and as other critical liquid system components.

The Hydropad is the best industrial accumulator / reservoir product of its type, all metal parts with all 316L stainless steel wetted parts. The compressible gas is housed in a rugged metal shell, and fluids are separated by an edge welded metal bellows. The result ensures maintenance-free service and to allow for temperatures and chemicals not possible with other units. Total cost, safety, temperature, environmental conditions, and life expectancy are also factors influencing the use of the Hydropad.

Available in 2 cu-in to 50,000 cu-in sizes, and pressure ratings up to 3000 psi for many models. Temperature ranges are from -20°F to +650°F for the standard design, and from -325°F to +1200°F for the all-stainless design.

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  • When fluid in a closed system experiences an increase in temperature, the thermal growth of the fluid manifests itself as an increase in pressure. The Hydropad limits the rise to a specified pressure, with a highly reliable design, using an edge welded stainless steel bellows separator.

  • Pipeline surges created by sudden changes in velocity of the liquid flowing in the system can result in high pressure spikes. The Hydropad limits the surges to a specified pressure, using an edge welded stainless steel bellows separator.

  • Systems that include positive displacement pumps must control the pulsations that result from pump operation.

  • The cylinders in a pump will starve without suction stabilization. A Hydropad mounted on the inlet side of a pump eliminates acceleration head and ensures that each cylinder fills.

  • When a hydraulic system needs additional or emergency power, a Hydropad can greatly increase efficiency and safety.

  • In systems where compensating for leakage is important, the Hydropad accumulator provides a critical reserve of fluid.