OVERVIEW: The PipeSeal provides an economical and sure method of sealing pipes and conduit through walls and floors for 20 psig. Wall sleeves are also available.

Choice starts with materials. Three types of rubber, and two types of metal hardware are available. For most applications, EPDM is the proper choice, but Nitrile is best if the seal may be exposed to hydrocarbons. Stainless steel hardware can also be used instead of galvanized harware in areas where corrosion is a tougher problem. And silicone is the choice for high temperature applications.

After choosing materials, you determine which model and how many links will be needed. Assistance can be provided in sizing, or check our PipeSeal ProSizer app, or our Sizing Tables. The ProSizer app handles all pipe size and hole size combinations, and suggests hole sizes.  

PipeSeal Prosizer App Linking Wall Seal Calculator

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