OVERVIEW: The Model YCF is a carbon steel Y strainer (wye strainer) that can be used in applications for steam, water, oil, or gas where protection from foreign matter in a pipeline is required. The YCF1 is 150# class, the YCF2 is 300# class, the YCF3 is 600# class, the YCF5 is 1500# class (RT flanges available), and the YCF6 is 2500# class (RT flanges standard).

They have flanges that are drilled in accordance with ASME B16.1, and perforated 304 stainless steel screens are welded along the seam for maximum strength. If the media is not specified, screens for liquid will be supplied.

Convenient gauge taps are furnished with a plug on both the inlet and outlet sides.  These taps allow for easy installation of pressure gauges to monitor differential pressure to determine when screen cleaning is needed.

With its large body and sizable straining element, the YCF models provide excellent open area ratios that are typically two-and-a -half times larger than the corresponding pipeline, minimizing the pressure drop.

These carbon steel units are epoxy painted to help resist rust and corrosion.  Stayflow also offers epoxy coatings as an option.  They are also are available with different cover options, including swing, clamp, and hinge type covers.

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