OVERVIEW: The 150# Class Model YAF1 is a Y strainer (wye strainer) that uses an ASTM B148 aluminum bronze body that is stronger an less likely to corrode than other bronze alloys.  This makes it a preferred choice for sea water and other applications where corrosion is a concern. Because of its copper content, marine organisms cannot colonize on the material. Additionally, the YAF is used for potable water applications as it meets Lead Free statutes.

They have flanges that are drilled in accordance with ASME B16.1, and perforated 304 stainless steel screens are welded along the seam for maximum strength. If the media is not specified, screens for liquid will be supplied.

Convenient gauge taps are furnished with a plug on both the inlet and outlet sides. These taps allow for easy installation of pressure gauges to monitor differential pressure to determine when screen cleaning is needed.

With its large body and sizable straining element, the YAF1 provides excellent open area ratios that are typically two-and-a -half times larger than the corresponding pipeline, minimizing the pressure drop.

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