OVERVIEW:  The Model BCF1 is a high quality carbon steel basket strainer with female thread ends that are rated as Class 150# and suitable for steam, water, oil, or gas where protection from foreign matter in a pipeline is required.    The carbon steel body performs exceptionally well in high temperatures, up to 800F in continuous service. It provides high resistance to shock, vibration, piping strains, and fire and freezing hazards. Carbon steel strainers are often used in the oil and petrochemical industries.

The BCF1 has many unique features, including inlet/outlet bosses with gauge taps (2" and up), plugged bottom drain and cover vent, cast-in support legs (6" and up), epoxy painted bodies, encapsulated cover gasket, and an optional quick-opening design.

Pressure loss is minimized by providing an over the top flow path and large open area ratio. The straining capacity is a minimum of six times that of the connecting pipe.  And with its large body and sizable straining element, this basket strainer has the ability to store large quantities of debris. It also features a machined seat with o-ring that enables fine filtrations down to 40 microns.

Utilizing a modified straining element, drains can be fitted with a Stayflow ball valve to allow for the automatic cleaning or flushing of the straining element while keeping the pipeline in service.

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