OVERVIEW: The DWV-Plus low pressure neoprene rubber expansion joints are primarily for drain, waste, and vent applications and slip over pipe to accommodate pipe movement. They are the best quality option for this service, are maintenance-free, and come with clamps. Also used for low pressure exhaust service.

They are suitable for 1-3/4" of compression, 3/4" extension, 3/4" of lateral offset, and 15° rotation. Greater movement than other common options. For up to 5psi pressures. 

Available in 2" to 8" diameters. Used to connect cast iron or plastic to cast iron or plastic pipe - 2", 3" and 4" sizes only. 6" and 8" models work with cast iron pipe only.

Tested for 10ft of head pressure (4.3psi).


  • Highest quality available
  • Sleeve connections with type 300 stainless steel clamps
  • Available in sizes up to 8", larger than other alternatives
  • Longer movements than other DWV options


  • For absorbing axial, lateral, and rotation movements in all types of vertical leaders, pipes, stacks and vent lines in order to prevent damage to this material and to the building
  • Adding flexibilty to Drain, Waste, & Vent systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Connecting cast iron or plastic to cast iron or plastic pipe with flexibility


For DWV applications for axial movements only in PVC piping, see our Model P40 expansion joint.


DWV Plus Clamped Flexible Connector Rubber Expansion Joint