OVERVIEW: The R-Packed Expansion Joints are designed for thermal expansion applications with large axial movements. These "slip type" joints can accommodate 4", 8", or 12" of compression, and 1", 1.5", and 2" extension, for single designs. Dual designs with anchor bases will double that. Both flanged and weld-ends are available.


They are available in 150 and 300 psi at 500F, and 2" to 24" diameters. Applications include steam, oil, gas, hot/chilled water, and many other process fluids. Often used in steam heating distribution systems.


Construction materials have strength equal to or greater than the piping systems, and so there is never a concern that an unscheduled outage will occur due to the expansion joint. If a leak occurs, additional packing can be easily added to the expansion joint through the integral packing cylinders during service. Carbon fiber graphite impregnated braided packing work to contain the flexible graphite injected packing. 


Custom designs are also available for elevated pressure and temperature service, and with special materials or larger diameters.

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