The high quality Flexicraft fully molded reinforced rubber duct expansion joints, often used as flexible fan and blower connectors, are available in round and rectangular configurations in virtually any size. These duct expansion joints allow movements in low pressure gas services up to 250F for EPDM and nitrile, and also 400F for Viton. Food grade is also available. The fully molded hand-wrapped design with integral rubber flanges are the best product of its type on the market.

These high quality joints are molded with no splices, and incorporate metal backing rings on the flanged connections.  They are available in the "U" style for economy and a smooth bore, and also the arch styles for the longest movements for a given face-to-face length.  The designs absorb noise and vibration very well, handle thermal expansion and misalignment, and have low spring rates. All designs are long lasting, easy to install, and the integral flanges provide a great seal with no gasket.

Flange drilling suggestions are shown, but any special drilling is easily accommodated. 

See the pdf submittal sheets for more details.

Belted "fabric" duct expansion joints, including those made of reinforced rubber, are also offered in a full selection. The fabric joints are well suited for many applications as well, especially for higher temperatures or very large dimensions.  Metal bellows duct expansion joints are also available for high temperature applications.

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