Food Grade Joints & Connectors

Flexicraft provides a full line of expansion joints and flexible connectors for food grade sanitary service.

The Model NLC Sanitary is a metal bellows joint with an integral silicone liner suitable for Clean-in-Place applications.  It provides compression and extension with a flanged connection up to 12" diameters.

If you need a sanitary flexible connector for equipment, we have a few choices. The Mocel MSLFG Sanitary connectors are suitable for up to 12" diameters with flanges, and sanitary quick clamp type end fittings are also avaialble.

  • The Model NLC Sanitary expansion joint consists of a metal bellows that has an integral silicone liner for sanitary service.The smooth bore is suitable for clean-in-place cleaning, and is available up to 12" diameters with flanged ends.